Immersion Day – 
Shaping the organisation
of the future 

28 Nov 2019, bienne

You work for a Swiss-based organisation in the field of international cooperation. To what extent have you ever addressed innovation, digital transformation and agile collaboration?

These are not topics exclusively reserved for Google or Swisscom. They are highly relevant to your organisation, too.

Join the Immersion Day and find out how you can (help) shape the organisation of the future.

The Immersion Day offers a space for learning, sharing and collaborating
  • You will meet peers who are responsible for driving innovation and change

  • You will meet peers who are looking for solutions to the challenges they are facing

  • You will gain new insights, perspectives and tools

Join the event to

Relax your apprehensions towards digital transformation – gain insights into the subject and explore how it affects your organisation and business model.

Learn how other organisations in both the development and private sectors are managing to become more dynamic and agile through case studies. Peers will share their successes, failures and everything in between.

Work on your concrete challenges, guided by experts and by learning from peers.

Leave with tools for immediate impact once back in the office, regardless of your position.

Secure your seat

You will immerse yourself in topics such as

Digital transformation – why it matters

Steps in organisational transformation 

Environments conducive to learning and innovation 

The ABC of experimentation and agile working

Leadership buy-in and employee engagement

We want to reach

those who are curious about how to deal with innovation, who drive change and are seeking solutions to current challenges.

those who deal with strategic and operational management, people and learning, knowledge management, innovation and digital transformation.

Beyond the content, it is the people you will meet and the conversations you will have together that will ensure you return home inspired and with renewed energy.

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Fr. 250.-

Non-members of Network cinfo pay Fr. 290.-

 Non-members of Network cinfo pay Fr. 430.-

Ticket for three

Fr. 450.-

Non-members of Network cinfo pay Fr. 570.-

The Immersion Day is organised by cinfo with Superloop Innovation


Rue centrale 115, 2503 Bienne


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